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  • Screen-Printing Pallets

    Screen-Printing Pallets
    • Custom made to answer the printing needs of each client;
    • Depending on the shape and size of the pallet, it can be used to print: sleeves, pants, umbrellas, tote bags, socks, t-shirts, among others.
    • Ready for vacuum system if requested;
    • Honeycomb aluminium structure;
    • Fast heat dissipation;
    • Light structure but highly resistant.

    For a good finished product, the pallet is an element that should never be overlooked.

    As an essential part of the printing process, the pallet should stand solid and be as durable as possible. After all, the pallet is the element of the machine that must endure the most physical stress, as the pressure, rotation of the machine and temperature variations, all affect its condition.

    With all those aspects taken into consideration, and with the goal of delivering high performance screen-printing pallets, KTK designed and engineered its pallets with the best materials, giving special attention to the way they are built, more specifically the architecture of the inside of the pallets.

    After many years of experience in the screen-printing industry, the team behind the conceptualization of the KTK products, did not need to fall on the same mistakes that were committed in the past.

    Since it was more than proved that solid pallets caused both a harmful inertia for the pallet’s holder condition, gained during the movement of the machine, and were responsible for holding too much temperature, that would cause problems in screen-printing with water-based inks, KTK never thought of including those in its catalogue.

    Instead, KTK thought about delivering to the market a light-weight aluminum pallet, with a honeycomb structure inside. This structure makes the KTK pallets exceptional in enduring with millions of cycles of an automatic screen-printing machine. Furthermore, it allows a much stronger resistance to the change of temperature and also it makes the temperature dissipate much faster than on solid structure pallets. Just this argument alone makes the screen printing of any job, using water-based inks, a much more efficient one.

    As all our pallets are cut and built inside our facilities, we offer a vast array of options in terms of sizes and pallet purposes: standard pallets, umbrella pallets, sock pallets, bags pallets, vacuum system pallets, sleeve pallets, and so on. The possibilities are endless, and we are here to answer any request our partners/clients may have!

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