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  • KTK Sweep

    KTK Sweep
    • Available in two different width sizes: 450mm and 650mm.
    • Ideal for cleaning any flock excess in garments, after the flocking process is finished;
    • This accessory is mounted to one printing head and it is completely compatible with any automatic screen-printing machine from KTK.

    KTK, since its beginning, has been committed to creating the machines that will accompany the evolution of times in the screen-printing industry.

    However, year after year, KTK has been incorporating new technologies and developments, which have been discovered and implemented, into its production processes and final products, striving to provide its customers with the best machinery they can find in the market.

    From incorporating vacuum systems, for printing on transfer paper, to mixing digital printing with traditional screen printing, and even incorporating pressing and flocking processes, KTK has been opening up the range of possibilities available to all those who see screen printing as a way of living, filled with inspiration.

    Nowadays, special effects such as flocking, are part of the reality of most printers worldwide, and we all know that the traditional flocking process causes enormous waste of flock. However, seeing large areas of a printing factory covered by flock particles, almost as if it is “painted” in the colour of the flock that is being put into use, is nowadays something that can be avoided.

    In order to eliminate this problem, making the entire flocking process cleaner, and with the added bonus of making it more profitable, KTK created the KTK Sweep. This vacuum cleaning device, able to be applied to a printing head, is the ideal complement for the KTK Cloud, eliminating any flock particles that do not stick to the glue surface placed on a specific area of ​​the desired garment.

    Make your life easier and adapt your KTK automatic screen-printing machine now with the printing head vacuum cleaning device model KTK SWEEP!

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