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  • Screen-Printing Washout Booth and Cleaning Booth

    Screen-Printing Washout Booth and Cleaning Booth
    • Stainless steel structure;
    • Can be ordered with or without light (white or yellow);
    • When it has light, it allows a very effective opening of the frames;
    • Elevated grid at the bottom of the tank, in order to position the frame with an angle.

    The screen-printing washout booth and cleaning booth are forgotten elements, but always present, in all printshops.

    In order to achieve the best print possible, it is important that after engraving, the frames are patiently opened, so that the point of the canvas allows the formation of the idealized design.

    The stainless steel structure, in addition to being common to both types of booths, is possible to be equipped with either yellow or white backlight in its background. When this happens, we can say that the KTK Screen-Printing Washout Booth is quite efficient in fulfilling its function: to show clearly if the points of the drawing are well opened or not.

    The cleaning booths are another element that lasts a lifetime in a screen-printing company. Having as its main function the washing process of any element that is in contact with ink, or any other printing chemical, we often see these cleaning booths being used also in the process of recovering the mesh for being used in another print.

    The versatility of these two elements makes them indispensable for the daily life of the modern printmaker.

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