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    Glue machine?! Extra printing head?!

    The most efficient way to put glue on a pallet has been a case of study for years. The problem, common to almost all screen-printing technicians, is that when the glue is applied using the spray method, it causes the accumulation of dirt and, in the long term, it may lead to problems related to certain components of the machine, namely the lifting mechanisms for the cleaning position, if they are manual, or other components that, due to the accumulation of dust stuck to them, begin to present malfunctions. On the other hand, if the glue is placed in a more artisanal way, using a brush on the pallet, the costs related to this material become difficult to calculate and are often exaggerated.

    In order to present a solution to this common problem in the screen printing industry, KTK has developed an independent glue station called KTK LITHE, patented and exclusive for KTK machines.

    This module allows the printer to be more precise about the place on the pallet where he is going to apply glue, making this phase of the work a cleaner process and reducing costs related to the use of glue.

    Furthermore, the KTK LITHE allows a really formidable level of accuracy, not 100%, but enough to even be used as an extra printhead. Imagine yourself as the owner of a machine that has 12 print heads, where your customer requests a print in 13 colours… The KTK LITHE allows you to print the colour you were missing!

    The versatility of this equipment makes it possible to unleash the creativity of the most daring printers, which is why it is a clear asset to add to any company that has KTK machines.


    Feel the Power!

    Have you ever seen your printed pieces being marked as non-conformities because the printing process suffered issues, due to impurities on the fabrics? As they may affect the quality of the finished product, small cotton fibers, dust or other impurities are, for many printing houses, the reason of less profit and less productivity.

    Due to the fact that we have encountered several companies facing these issues a bit all over the world, we decided to build a machine that would answer the prayers of all of those suffering from the same condition. We created the KTK TORNADO!

    The KTK TORNADO is the most efficient tool you can find if you are looking for a machine to clean your garments from any kind of impurities, dust, cotton fibers, or even excess of flock after the flocking jobs are finalized. The KTK TORNADO can be used both before of after the printing process: if the printer desires to clean the pieces before they are printed, to avoid non-conformities, or/and if the printer would like to clean excessive flock that still may be on top of the garment after the flocking and drying processes.

    Due to its very simple and user-friendly layout, when the KTK TORNADO is introduced to the printing process of any company, there is absolutely no adaptation period. All the printer has to do is to pass any piece through the KTK TORNADO, and all impurities that are really hard to remove, disappear!

    Say no to dust, excessive flock, small cotton fibers on the fabric or any impurity. Get one KTK TORNADO and give your company a step ahead!


    Flocking made Easy!

    In response to the needs of the global market, KTK created the KTK CLOUD, a flock unit built in 2 sizes, 65 x 45 and 85 x 65, completely compatible with automatic screen-printing machines.

    Known as a method that traditionally originated enormous amounts of waste, as usually, all areas around the flock machines would turn into the same colour of the flock being used, automatic flocking had to be rethought in order to fit the needs of the modern screen-printer. This is how the KTK CLOUD was born!

    Using static electricity to apply flock, the KTK CLOUD is exceptionally effective inside the “special effects” category of the screen-printing world. Special effects are used, not only as a way of increasing the value of a piece drastically but also to give a different feeling, touch and look to the finished product. Inside this category, the printer can also find, among others, the glitter, the foil and the 3D.

    The flocking process enhances the appearance, touch and aesthetics of the garment, increasing its value. This application of finely cut natural (or synthetic) fibres to an adhesive-coated textile surface is highly popular all over the world, being a constant request by some of the most demanding clients.

    This process involves the application of a high-voltage electric field, where the flock is given the negative charge while the garment is earthed. Naturally, this causes the vertical fall of the flock material onto the garment, attaching itself to the glued surface. This process makes the flock application a super effective and clean process. We can now say that the colour contamination with flock fibres is something from the past!

    Due to the easy implementation of this exceptional flocking unit in any KTK screen-printing machine, these days, the modern screen-printer can look at the KTK CLOUD as just another screen in the printing process. From our own experience, we have seen the KTK CLOUD be applied more than once on a single machine, allowing the printer to flock more than one color on the same design, without any difficulty.

    Like any other KTK peripheral, the flock unit model KTK CLOUD can also be controlled on the main console, meaning it does not need an operator to manually work with it, saving the labor cost. The only thing the machine operator must never forget is to not run out of flock.


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