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  • The KTK facilities have increased!

    The KTK facilities have increased!


    All KTK machines are made completely inside the KTK facilities. The day-to-day work developed at KTK involves not only assembling automatic screen-printing machines but also milling parts, laser cutting, bending, welding, painting, testing, and so many other processes involved in building this complex industrial equipment.

    Over the past few years, the world demand for screen-printing machinery has dramatically increased. And due to the size of such industrial machines, we knew we needed more space to increase our production rate and this way answer the current global needs.

    With this most recent increase, the production area of KTK and Kristaltek combined has now over 24.000 sqm of production area.

    Combining demand, with space and state-of-the-art technology is definitely a recipe for something promising. We can only expect the future to bring even brighter results than the ones we are already experiencing.

    Thank you for joining us and supporting us along the way!

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