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  • KTK Fusion Max – Digital printing taking one step further

    KTK Fusion Max – Digital printing taking one step further


    After the success of last year’s launched KTK Fusion Plus, the Portuguese company started looking into the option of expanding its line of independent digital printing modules.

    The KTK Fusion Plus brought to the market the unique opportunity of combining great screen-printing results with the marvellous colours achieved by the best of digital printing, never leaving aside the quality and reliability KTK has always strived to provide its clients with.

    The KTK FUSION MAX is here to make the combination of digital printing with screen-printing a more profitable one.

    As it is equipped with 24 printing heads, and 6 colours, therefore covering more printing area for each passage of the digital printing heads, this independent digital printing module offers an output rate fairly higher than the KTK Fusion Plus.  It keeps matching the expectations already risen by the KTK Fusion Plus, regarding printing on any kind of textile fabric, may it be lighter or darker coloured fabric.

    Having this said, the next step is for you to see it for yourself! Do not hesitate to send us all your enquiries about the newest KTK FUSION MAX!

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