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    Screen Printing Machines
    Easy job setup Easy job setup
    Squeegee Angle Adjustment Squeegee Angle Adjustment
    Squeegees movement system Squeegees movement system
    Individual control pannel on each printing head Individual control pannel on each printing head
    Registration System with Vernier Scale as auxiliary Registration System with Vernier Scale as auxiliary

    Independent elevation system for all printing heads;

    Automatic Printing-head lifting system for easier cleaning;

    Patented innovation included with the machine;

    Machine rotation with AC servomotor;

    Squeegees’ movement with AC Inverter;

    Individual control panel on each printing head, for controlling the print and flood speed, height, angle of the squeegees and stroke length;

    Power connections and command for peripherals incorporated in the machine;

    KTK machine control software;

    Polychromatic touch screen as the main control panel;

    Two laser supporting arms with 4 dot-line lasers;

    U shaped screen clamping system (or other, if requested by the client);

    Screen registration system with Vernier scale;

    Ability of setting up flash-cure units under the printing heads;

    ISO (international standard) parts.

    • Possibility of adding another laser arm;
    • More Power and Control Connections for peripherals (ex.: KTK DRAGON);
    • Flash-Cure units model KTK Dragon or KTK FENIX;
    • Compatible with the KTK Cloud;
    • Compatible with the KTK vacuum cleaner;
    • Skip pedal.

    The Oval Screenprinting Machine you need!

    The KTK ADVANCE arrives in the market to meet the everyday needs of a screen-printing technician.

    With a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 64 pallets, there is an almost infinite number of configuration possibilities, in terms of the number and position of the printing heads.

    Moreover, the oval screenprinting machine model KTK ADVANCE brings back the quality, durability, strength and reliability already known by all KTK users. With a printing area of  800mm x 600mm (31.4’’ x 23.6’’) up to a maximum of 900mm x 800mm (35.4’’ x 31.5’’) in the double index, and an incredible maximum output rate of over 950 pieces per hour, the KTK ADVANCE oval screenprinting machine is a true weapon on every printer’s company.

    Equipped in this oval screenprinting machine, the printer can find two laser arms (one on every end, with 4 lasers each), one control panel where the user can control all production-related parameters, and the printing heads with independent lifting equipped. These features contribute to making the KTK ADVANCED one of the most practical machines in the market.

    Besides the independent printing head lifting system, the KTK ADVANCE is also equipped with the ability to achieve the cleaning position automatically. With this feature, the printer is not only able of cleaning the screens more easily but also of setting up peripherals in any position he/she may want. Whether it be a flash-cure unit or a KTK CLOUD Flock System, the printing technician will have complete freedom to place the peripheral even under printing heads, allowing him/her to do jobs ranging from the simplest prints to the most complex.

    One of the main features of the KTK ADVANCE oval screenprinting machine is its ability to maintain registration, allowing the printer to spend more time working on what really matters, and therefore serving its client with more quality.

    Equally important to mention is the ability the printer has of moving a pallet to a specific position, on the machine, by simply pressing a button. This feature, although simple, is responsible for a faster and more reliable registration.

    Due to its strong structure and reliability, the oval screenprinting machine model KTK ADVANCE does not need intense maintenance. This is a direct result of the innovative engineering and quality materials that were put into it during the production process.

    Something we believe is very important when acquiring a new machine is its technical support, and that is something KTK is proud of offering worldwide, through our network of dealers or through our highly qualified team of engineers, always ready to give a solution to any issue that might arise. Also, KTK is not redesigning the wheel, meaning we strive to use the most international standard (ISO) parts we can, so the printer can find solutions locally, anywhere in the World, in case it becomes necessary. Simply, we want to make the printer’s life easier.

    Colours / Pallets 10162026 3238 4450 5460 5864
    Colours (max.) 102032445458
    Pallets 162638506064
    Standard Printing Area (mm/inch) 800mm x 600mm / 31'' x 24''
    Standard Pallet Size (mm/inch) 1100mm x 650mm / 43.3'' x 25.6''
    Maximum production (per hour)* 950
    Maximum External Frame Measure (mm/inch) 1050mm x 650mm / 42'' x 26''
    Measure of the Frame's profile (min - max) (mm/inch) 50mm x 50mm / 2'' x 2''
    Compressed Air Consumption (l/min) 120 l/min + nr of print heads (60 l/min each printhead)
    Pre-Drying Connections (outlets) One less than the nr of printheads
    Power Rating (kVA) ** 10.3 13.4 22.4 28.6 33.8 35.9
    Length (mm / in) 9525mm / 375'' 11730mm /461.8'' 16690mm / 657'' 21650mm / 852.4'' 25780mm / 1015'' 26600mm /1047''
    Width (mm / in) 3840mm / 151.2''
    Height (mm / in) 1785mm / 70.3''
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