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  • Fusion Plus

    Hybrid Digital Printing
    Fusion Plus

    – 12 printing heads;

    – Perfect synchrony with an automatic screen-printing machine;

    – CMYK + 2 colors;

    – Maximum resolution: 635 x 2400 DPI;

    – Maximum printing area: 900 mm x 900 mm;

    – Z shaped axis capable to be adjusted to the height of the textile surface about to be printed;

    – Pigmented ink;

    – High-definition printing;

    – Intuitive usage;

    – Printing head with internal ink-circulation system

    Digital printing’s next step!

    The KTK Fusion Plus reaches the global market as the solution for the future of screen-printing and digital hybrid.

    This digital hybrid printing module, in addition to working in perfect sync with an automatic screen-printing machine, offers a considerable maximum printing area, 900mm x 750mm, and easily adapts to any type of textile surface.

    Since it has a Z-axis, that can be adjusted to be up to 25mm away from the garment, it is possible to adapt the KTK Fusion Plus to the thickness of the most varied textile printing surfaces.

    The KTK Fusion Plus, in addition to being able to achieve the definition and bright colours that a digital printing machine can reproduce, also allows high levels of productivity.

    This digital printing module arrives on the market with 6 colours, which in the digital printing world means that 12 printing heads are being used. The colours used are CMYK + 2 colours (red and green), which allows a large homogeneous printing area, in terms of hue, for each available colour.

    A feature that should be highlighted in the KTK Fusion Plus is the fact that the printing-heads are Fujifilm Dimatix model, which allows them to be easily repairable. This is an extremely important factor in an industrial context. This feature, together with the possibility of ink recirculation, allows for a very long-life span of these digital modules’ printing heads.

    To complement this digital printing module, KTK created its own line of digital inks, bases, pre-coatings and coatings. In order to help the user obtain the best possible results, quickly, providing a very high performance, the KTK Fusion Plus features two kinds of RIP software: “Neostampa powered by Inèdit“.

    Combining the KTK Fusion Plus with an automatic screen-printing machine allows you to achieve a design with truly impressive precision and color homogeneity.

    With the possibility of combining digital printing and conventional silk-screen printing, with a wide range of special stamping effects, namely glitter, foil, flake, 3D, etc., the number of possibilities becomes almost infinite.

    The KTK Fusion Plus can be considered as a tool to simplify even the most demanding printing jobs, bringing large growth to your business by making your company more productive.

    Fusion Plus
    Printhead TechnologyIndustrial Printhead Fujifilm Dimatix
    Nr of Printing Heads12 Printing Heads
    Nr of Colours 6 colours (CMYK + GR)
    Printing Resolution635 x 800 dpi, 635 x 1000 dpi, 635 x 1200 dpi.
    Highest Printing Resolution635 x 2400 dpi
    Printable FabricCotton, linen, silk, nylon, polyester, wool etc.
    Maximum Printing Size900mm x 700mm (or limited to the printing area offered by the machine's pallet)
    Ink TypePigment Ink.
    Max. Thickness of the Garment25mm
    Ink Supply SystemAuto negative pressure ink supply system.
    Ink Capacity5L
    RIP SoftwareNeostampa®
    Printhead MaintenanceSelf-moisturizing, self-cleaning, automatic ink-scrapping system.
    Power Supply220V AC, single phase, 50/60 Hz
    Recommended Work Environment ConditionsTemperature 25 - 28º C, Humidity 55% - 65%.
    Weight of machine1500 kg
    Size of machine packaging4000mm x 2380mm x 2300mm
    Machine size3461mm x 2228mm x 2096mm
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