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  • Kimera

    Independent wheels for easier movement Independent wheels for easier movement
    Moving drying head Monochromatic LCD panel
    • 4 wheels base;
    • medium-wave infra-red lights;
    • adjustable height of the drying head;
    • independent velocity controls of the drying head’s movement;
    • user-friendly control panel with a digital screen;
    • intelligent standby system for lower power consumption after a long machine STOP time;
    • ability to fit under a printing head (on the high-lift position).
    • infrared non-contact temperature probe;
    • able to mount on certain machines from other brands. (availability¬† confirmed upon request)

    Flash-cure unit with a moving drying head.

    The KTK Kimera is the new flash-cure unit to join the KTK family.

    Equally efficient to its peers in its functions, the KTK Kimera was explicitly conceived for covering larger drying areas at a minor cost. Its moveable drying head allows a more economical performance, not needing as many lamps as the conventional drying heads of the KTK Dragon and the KTK Fenix.

    The way this unit works is quite simple to explain. Its movement is the same as the squeegee car’s movement on a printing head, while the flashing is the same as on the KTK Dragon and the KTK Fenix. To sum up, we are basically combining processes to achieve a more efficient solution for our partners, the KTK customers.

    Furthermore, it is important to mention that on this flash-cure unit with a moving drying head, we still kept the standby mode, which is responsible for the more efficient use of energy by this particular model.

    The KTK Kimera is tailor-made for screen-printing company owners looking to downsize their energy consumption costs.

    Drying Area (mm / inch)600 x 800 / 24'' x 32''700 x 1000 / 32" x 40"800 x 1100 / 32" x 43"
    Power Supply (VAC)1 x 230 / 3 x 230 / 3 x 400
    Power (kVA)6910,5
    Quantity of drying lamps*12 x 500W18 x 500W21 x 500W
    Plug type32 (400V) or 63 (230V)
    Power / Area (W/cm2)1,251,291,19
    Total Length (mm/inch)1547 / 60,9"1697 / 66,8"1697 / 66,8"
    Total Width (mm/inch)780 / 30,7"780 / 30,7"835 / 32,9"
    Total Height (mm/inch)1515 / 59,6"1515 / 59,6"1515 / 59,6"
    * Medium Wave infrared lights. Power supply available: 220 V, 3 x 220 V, 3 x 400 V on 50Hz or 60Hz.
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