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    Extra Modules
    Glue Station KTK LITHE 4 Cylinder Car
    KTK LITHE - High-Lift Position KTK LITHE - High-Lift Position
    KTK LITHE - Control Panel KTK LITHE - Control Panel
    KTK LITHE - Vernier Scale KTK LITHE - Vernier Scale
    • 4 cylinders on the squeegee car;
    • Internal frame support with double cylinder;
    • Perfect synchronization with an automatic KTK screen-printing machine;
    • Equipped with independently moving wheels and a brake at its base;
    • Ability to reach the cleaning position automatically;
    • Two sizes available: SS/MS and LS/XL;
    • Intuitive control panel with digital display.

    Glue machine?! Extra printing head?!

    The most efficient way to put glue on a pallet has been a case of study for years. The problem, common to almost all screen-printing technicians, is that when the glue is applied using the spray method, it causes the accumulation of dirt and, in the long term, it may lead to problems related to certain components of the machine, namely the lifting mechanisms for the cleaning position, if they are manual, or other components that, due to the accumulation of dust stuck to them, begin to present malfunctions. On the other hand, if the glue is placed in a more artisanal way, using a brush on the pallet, the costs related to this material become difficult to calculate and are often exaggerated.

    In order to present a solution to this common problem in the screen printing industry, KTK has developed an independent glue station called KTK LITHE, patented and exclusive for KTK machines.

    This module allows the printer to be more precise about the place on the pallet where he is going to apply glue, making this phase of the work a cleaner process and reducing costs related to the use of glue.

    Furthermore, the KTK LITHE allows a really formidable level of accuracy, not 100%, but enough to even be used as an extra printhead. Imagine yourself as the owner of a machine that has 12 print heads, where your customer requests a print in 13 colours… The KTK LITHE allows you to print the colour you were missing!

    The versatility of this equipment makes it possible to unleash the creativity of the most daring printers, which is why it is a clear asset to add to any company that has KTK machines.

    Maximum printing area (mm/inch)800 x 600 / 31,5" x 23,6"1100 x 800 / 43,3" x 31,5"
    Compressed air consumption (l/min)20 l/min20 l/min
    Length (mm/inch)1815 mm / 71,45"1815 mm / 71,45"
    Width (mm/inch)1010 mm / 39,76"1010 mm / 39,76"
    Height (mm/inch)1350 mm / 53,14''1350 mm / 53,14''
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