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    Screen Printing Machines
    Arm with 4 dot line lasers for an easier positioning of the garments on the pallets Arm with 4 dot line lasers for an easier positioning of the garments on the pallets
    Central lifting machine Wheeled base for easier movement
    Squeegee Angle Adjustment Squeegee Angle Adjustment
    U-channel frame clamping system U-channel frame clamping system
    Squeegees movement system Squeegees movement system
    High rise position for easier cleaning of the frames High rise position for easier cleaning of the frames
    Vernier Scale Vernier Scale
    • Printing heads’ central elevation system;
    • 2 patents implemented into the machine;
    • Frequency drive machine rotation with motor, for a quick and reliable index;
    • Squeegees’ movement with AC Inverter;
    • KTK software for total machine control, inserted on the machine’s main control panel;
    • An individual control panel on each printing head, for controlling the print and flood speed, height, angle of the squeegees and stroke length;
    • Print heads with a simple mechanism to achieve the cleaning position for easy and reliable cleaning of the frames;
    • KTK machine control software inserted on the main control panel;
    • Polychromatic touch screen as the main control panel;
    • U shaped screen clamping system (or other, if requested by the client);
    • Screen registration system with the Vernier scale.
    • Additional laser arm;
    • Flash-cure units;
    • Skip Function.

    The central lifting machine you need!

    The KTK WISE is, simply, the central lifting machine you must have at your screen printing company. With the same quality KTK has been showcasing all over the world during the past years, the KTK WISE arrives at the global market with grace.

    Being globally known for its precision, speed, and robustness, KTK could only bring to the market another quality machine. The KTK WISE can print 1300 pieces per hour at its maximum production rate, and shows versatility from any angle you may look at it.

    In order to answer the needs of the modern printer, the KTK WISE – central lifting machine – can hold up to 20 pallets, allowing a standard printing area of up to 7000mm x 500mm (27,6’’ x 19,7’’), and up to 1000mm x 850mm (39,4″ x 33,5″) in double-index, with a minimum of 1 printing head, and a maximum of 20 printing heads.

    As it uses some of the best components available in the market, this user-friendly central lifting machine, does not need heavy maintenance and is made in order to last years at any screen-printing company. It is controlled using software created in-house, by our own team of engineers, with every program a printer may need during any printing job.

    Although every printing head has an independent and simple control panel built-in, the printing technician can control the whole machine, and each of the peripherals, from the central console, making the KTK WISE very fast to set up.

    The simple mechanism created for the machine to achieve its cleaning position has been designed taking into consideration the needs of the modern screen printer, making the cleaning of a screen always an easy task to accomplish.

    As we, at KTK, use materials and techniques found in the fields of aeronautics and of heavy construction machinery, all KTK machines stand out in the screen-printing machinery world as the machines of the future.

    Through our network of distributors and our team of engineers, KTK is very proud of offering worldwide technical support. This is a point we believe is of extreme importance at the moment of acquiring a new machine.

    We can never predict the future, but during the development of this central lifting machine, all factors were taken into account, simplifying solving any minor issues that may arise.

    Also, KTK is not redesigning the wheel, meaning we strive to use the most international standard (ISO) parts we can, so the printer can find solutions locally, anywhere in the World, in case it becomes necessary. Simply put, we want to make the printer’s life easier.

    Fast, durable, precise, and reliable, the KTK WISE is that and much more. It adapts to any screen-printing need. If you wish to add value to your finished products, you may have found what you are looking for.

    Colours / Pallets41081010121214141616181820
    Colours (max.)481012141618
    Standard Printing Area (mm/inch)250 x 200 / 9,8" x 8"700 x 500 / 27,6'' x 19,7''
    Maximum Printing Area in Double Index (mm/inch)1000 x 850 / 39,4'' x 33,5''
    Standard Pallet Size (mm/inch)450 x 250 / 18'' x 10''950 x 550 / 37,4'' x 21,7''
    Maximum Pallet Size in Double Index1150 x 900 / 45,3'' x 35,4''
    Maximum production (per hour)*13001100
    Maximum External Frame Measure (mm/inch)550 x 300 / 22" x 12"1000 x 650 / 39.4'' x 25.6''
    Measure of the Frame's profile (min - max) (mm/inch)30 x 30 / 1.2'' x 1.2'' - 40 x 40 / 1.6'' x 1.6''25 x 25 / 1'' x 1'' - 40 x 40 / 1.6'' x 1.6''
    Compressed Air Consumption (l/min)150 litros/min340 liters / min + 20 l/min each printing head
    Pre-Drying Connections (outlets)3 / 6 (max)456789
    Power Rating (kVA) **13,64 kVA / 13,31 kW45,5 677,58
    Diameter (mm/inch)2550 / 100,4"4600 / 15,1'5200 / 17,1'5450 / 17,9'5900 / 19,4'6325 / 20,8'6950 / 22,8'
    Height (mm/inch)2200 / 87''2090 / 82''
    * One squeegee coating with 30cm long.
    ** These values exclude flash-cure units' consumption. The total value (with the flash-cure units' consumption) should be calculated paying attention to the model and number of flash-cure units in use.
    - Feeding type available: 230 V, 3 x 230 V, 3 x 400 V on 50Hz or 60Hz.
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